Your Passion + Our Experience = Scale Up

Start-ups and small businesses are driven by the passion of the founders. They have fantastic products to disrupt businesses and solve the really important problems of our age. A great idea, a sound MVP and a few passionate pitches get enough capital to start translating the dream into reality.

The first 2-5 years are spent in the getting the business off the ground and initial success is encouraging. But then, the next stage of growth just doesn't seem to match business plan projections. Why? Because, no one paid serious attention to GTM beyond the initial Proof of Concept selling.


This is where we help. We understand that sales is not just smooth talking people with aggressive targets and cajoled by big incentives. It is a lot more. And that revenue or customers are not merely the sales team's problem. That it is a specialisation. That sustained sales growth requires Leadership. That's what we help you provide. 

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Most Start-Ups Have a Winning Product...

3,224,200 Patents were Filed in 2019 Alone (Source: Statista)
A Great Product does not Guarantee Business Success

Powering Start-Ups and Small Businesses with the Science of Selling


Sales management is often confused with the skill of selling. That leads to over simplification of the GTM problem, stereotyped actions and eventually to stagnant revenues.


Selling is a science in the sense that it is governed by a set of principles. Businesses that design a sales process that fits their targeted product-markets and execute such a process consistently, can have a predictable and long growth trajectory.


At Salesfac, we know sales management because we have done it for various industries and in diverse situations. We work with you in designing sustainable growth strategies and in running the Operations.

Strategic Decisions for Growth

Successful Go-To-Market is critically dependent on sound sales and marketing strategy. We work with you in ensuring that your sales efforts are set-up for success.

  • Organisation Structure - Roles & Responsibilities

  • Segment selection and strategy

  • Sales planning

  • Aligning revenue and margin goals with sales strategy

  • Sales process and policies

  • Sales Management System - CRM configuration, KPIs

  • Leadership Coaching

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Supporting Sales Operations

Strategy is just half the job. Execution is key. We work as part of your team in helping implement your sales and marketing plan. Specifically, we help you with the following nuts and bolts:

  • Selection and fitment of candidates to roles

  • Sales collateral creation

  • Sales Acceleration programs - Design and Management

  • Big Deal bid strategy

  • Performance reporting and reviews

  • Channel policy, performance and processes

  • Onboarding and training of sales team

  • Accounts receivables management

Sales Transformation Workshop

When incremental changes are not enough, bring your sales and marketing leadership together to kindle an impactful growth initiative. Spark is a structured workshop, facilitated by senior business leaders that takes a hard look at the As-Is, defines an agreed future state and drives agreement on the actions to kick-off your sales transformation program.

If most of your sales team's customer relationships are as vendors or suppliers, Spark can help you transform them to being Trusted Advisors or Business Partners. 

What Our Clients Say

" We had engaged the consultancy services of Ratnesh through Salesfac, as a Subject Matter Expert for our large and prestigious project to transform the Lead-to-Order process of Vodafone Idea Business Services using GreneOS, our Hyperautomation platform. Throughout the engagement, Ratnesh added tremendous value to the project with his deep domain expertise of telecoms business and intimate knowledge of associated systems, processes, products and policies. Additionally, his unmatched functional proficiency in B2B Sales was an invaluable asset to the project. Ratnesh's thought leadership clearly helped establish a robust foundation on which we successfully implemented the GreneOS platform. We look forward to more opportunities to collaborate with Salesfac "
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