Building a Future Ready Sales Team

A Workshop to embark on the Transformation Journey

When incremental changes are not enough. We help bring your revenue leadership together to kick-off your most impactful growth initiative. Spark is a structured 2-day workshop, that takes a hard look at the As-Is, defines an agreed Future State and drives agreement on the actions to kick-off your sales transformation program.

The workshop is conducted by a specialist with years of experience in growing B2B businesses. More...


Designed with Sales People at its heart

Most CRMs are designed as mere database gathering tools for management control. No wonder then that sales people hate it and the ROI is abysmal.


We provide a  globally acclaimed CRM that is flexible and powerful. User-friendly, dynamic, intuitive and visual, this CRM is light on IT and high on sales effectiveness. 


Creating Interactive Relationship Development Plans 

Worldwide, a growing number of organisations are making buying a team activity. Multi-disciplinary buying committees with diverse and sometimes conflicting objectives can be frustrating.

Our Organisation Mapping tool is a favourite of successful sales team globally to navigate complex customer environments.


A Collaborative Tool that Increases Large Deal Win Rates 

Winning Big Deals is a team sport. We provide tools for deep analysis of the customers' needs and a thorough competitive analysis of what it would take for you to win.

Native in Salesforce, this is an effective addition for teams that bid on large transformative deals. 


Technology Adoption in Sales Needs Special Focus 

Change initiatives without a well planned adoption program usually results in Wastage, Frustration and Delayed ROI. We program manage your technology initiatives in sales using a scientific framework of tech adoption that working on the enabling conditions, intention to adopt and operational rigour.